Social Responsibility

Oklo strives to operate as a good corporate citizen at all times, and its social responsibility is an important part of interactions with all stakeholders.

The Company endeavours to undertake all its operations in a socially and environmentally responsible manner that is sustainable and beneficial across all parties involved.

Oklo believes that its operations will provide long-term rewards to the people of Mali as well as value to its shareholders.

Community Development

Oklo aims to invest both directly and indirectly in the communities in which it operates to provide better outcomes for the local residents by boosting economic growth and development.

Oklo has been operating in Mali since 2007, and during that time has made a significant investment in mineral exploration. The Company aims to provide employment opportunities for local people and businesses where possible, boosting skills and experience while also increasing geological knowledge to encourage further investment in exploration and mining.

Oklo has built relationships with State and Local Government administrators, and aims to assist in advancing the mining industry in Mali and invest in infrastructure for the communities in which it operates.


Oklo believes that taking care of the environment is an integral part of its business and is committed to adhering to the highest standards in the environmental management of its activities.

Oklo aims to minimise environmental impacts at all stages of its operations from planning, through to exploration, development, mining, processing and decommissioning. Oklo will maintain a comprehensive environmental management system, will undertake consultation to ensure that the interests of the local community are considered and will comply with all applicable laws, regulations and standards. In addition, the Company will provide safeguards and contingency plans to mitigate any potential issues, monitor our activities, and will strive to achieve continual improvement and promote environmental awareness among our employees and contractors.